Overspray removal

In cases where your customers’ vehicles have been tainted by unwelcome stains, our overspray removal solution can return them to their original state, guaranteeing that they will look like new.

Specialised overspray removal products

Unwanted blemishes can happen all too easily and, due to the delicate nature of the paint layers underneath, these stains require specialised removal products to be safely erased.

With other overspray removal spray products, consideration must be given to whether the vehicles brought into your repair or maintenance workshop were sprayed with solvent or water based paint but our solution works with both, taking the worry away of overspray removal jobs.

Overspray removal can also be applied both to a vehicle in its fully put together state or to its individual components for more precision. Available in a handy bottle with a spray nozzle, the removal solution can reach hidden away spots as well as easy to reach parts of the stained vehicle.

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