Sandblasting compressor

Sandblasting is a speedy and effective way to smooth down and clean a hard surface of irregularities or rust. A highly efficient sandblasting compressor does the job in a clean and effective manner.

There are several makes and models currently on the market for different industrial and commercial sectors and compressor features and configurations do vary.

Sandblasting compressors for every requirement

The average sandblasting compressor features a blasting outlet for silica sand, a stainless steel sand blast probe and a nozzle adaptable to the required operating pressure. All commercially-available sandblasting compressor types also feature an adjustable sand volume valve. Diesel-powered compressors are the most common air supply type, but oil-free models are also available.

The required size of a blast nozzle will depend on the desired operational pressure in a sandblasting compressor. We offer different sizes for every requirement. Every sandblasting compressor we sell is enabled for effective maintenance, and the best materials will ensure that the blast nozzle and probe elements of your chosen sandblasting compressor do not get overly eroded. In other words, our superior sandblasting compressor range will provide the safety and efficiency your industry needs.

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